First The Bad News …

Publication of the new issue is being delayed until April 2nd, 2013. Submissions were rather slow this month, so it’s our hope that with a few extra weeks, we can procure some more stories. We will deliver a double issue (March/April) on April 2nd, 2013.

So on to the Good News!

We prattled on about a special announcement in the upcoming issue a couple weeks ago. Since it’s being delayed, we’ve decided to make the announcement today.

Starting with our March/April issue we will be open for non-fiction submissions and will be publishing at least one piece a month.

What are we looking for?

Original articles (1500-5000 words) of interest to our readership. We are looking for a wide variety of topics, including: genre history discussion, essays on the writing process, advice for writers, traditional/self-publishing experiences, etc … We pay a flat rate of 15.00 CAD.

If you interested in submitting something, send a query letter to nonfiction at with the subject line TITLE. 

We’re looking forward to reading your queries.

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