Editor’s notes

Eight issues in the bag; Black Treacle is two years old. Though I wanted to have 24 issues out at this point, I’m really satisfied with what’s been produced so far.

But I am going to try something different for 2015.

If you’ve been reading the Editor’s notes (Everyone reads the Editor’s notes, right?) you probably know that I lament about submission volume all the time.

I’m going to pull the trigger on something I mentioned in the last issue.

Black Treacle will switch to three-times a year model and the pay-rate will double. Keep an eye on the website and twitter for the publication schedule but more than likely publication will follow a spring/summer/fall pattern.

There will also be a Best-of podcast at some point next year.

Have you read Dangerous Visions by Harlan Ellison? I really like the format of that anthology. I’m planning following it for the podcast. More specifically, I’ll do an Editor’s introduction and speak on why I picked the story/article for publication & close with a paid Author’s afterword.

Hopefully, these changes will stimulate submissions.

Normally, this would be the paragraph where I talk about the stories being published this month but I want to keep you in suspense for another few hours. Table of Contents for #8 will be published later today (11/30/2014)

Thanks for reading,

A.P. Matlock
Editor, Black Treacle Magazine